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New Facility


In October of 2016, we moved to a larger state-of-the-art facility with the vision of making our fabrication process as reliable as possible. 

Now located in Fairfield, NJ, we are just minutes away from Routes 46 and 80 and still just 30 minutes from the Hudson River Crossings.






What started with one very old Ingersol Rand Waterjet Machine and one employee in 2012 has grown into a four machine and seven full time employee operation.  The increasing demand in countertop fabrication has allowed our company to make vast investments in equipment and technology. 


Baca Robo Sawjet


 Our most recent additions are our new Baca Robo Sawjet and our new Farness Miter Saw.  The Baca Robo Saw Jet is equipped with dual tables which allow us to prep one table while the jet cuts the other slab on the table. The SawJet integrates both a high-pressure abrasive water jet and direct-drive saw. It can cut a complete slab including curved cuts with the waterjet in just 20 minutes. Once the stone is cut it is about 70% completed and heads over to our fabrication area to be completed with various edges and finishes.




The Baca Robo Sawjet is also equipped with VeinMatch.  This is an excellent tool to show customers their layout in advance. You can match veins from a different part of the same slab without utilizing a second slab. VeinMatch allows you not to compromise the material flow or the final look for the customer.


In the past, this has always been done by eye and would be measured and marked with masking tape, or by attaching templates to the material. This process has never been 100% accurate. VeinMatch is the digital alternative to this process and in the end saves money, time and material.







Farnese Miter Saw

As we all know, with miters, the more accurate the cut, the better the result.  The Farness Miter Saw delivers a perfect miter every time!   With the Farnese Miter Saw, an accurate miter cut is achieved each and every time due to the fixed 45.0° angle of the cutting blade and the straight edge system which uses the front edge stopper of the material to position it accurately on the table.  No measuring.  No mistakes.  Coupled with this, the pneumatic clamps flatten the material against the table so that it’s always straight and always stays in place.


The move to this new building provides us with growing room to meet increasing demand for our products, while also lowering our environmental footprint.  Before settling in, we installed a new, ultramodern, closed-loop water recirculation system expected to save about 22 million gallons of water per year which supplies recycled water to our Robo Sawjet, Miter saw, and hand tools.










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M & B Waterjet Creations


For your waterjet needs, we have two Maxiem Waterjet machines, a 2040 with an x-y cutting envelope of 13' 10" x 6'7" and a 1515 with an x-y cutting envelope of 5'2" x 5'2".  Both with angle cutting capability and dual heads giving M&B Waterjet Creations greater capacity to service customers. 

Our Maxiem machines allow us to cut glass better than ever.  The material is pierced at low pressure, and then automatically switches to high-pressure mode to continue the tool path.  The speed of the tool path is also adjusted to avoid splitting and shattering.   We specialize in high volume production, mostly of various metals for a multitude of industrial applications.  However, metal cutting only scratches the surface when it comes to high volume production. 

We service numerous clients with repetitive designs such as mosaic designers/installers as well as simple and detailed/ intricate designs for custom floors, borders and murals.  We are committed to design and produce high quality products that are delivered on time for a great price.


We cut anything!  Contact us today to see how we can help you with your project.